Welcome to Melinelafont

I welcome you all dearly on my Website ♥ I AM thrilled and honored to share this journey with you all in this exceptional time we are in. I have created this website to offer my gifts through services and assistance, where guidance or support is needed. We all have inherent gifts and abilities lingering […]



This is an invocation to set up a Sacred space for protection. I call upon Archangel Michael and all of his legions of Light to be with me energetically and physically in this Earth plane and physical plane, where I linger at this now time. Archangel Michael please be with me and invoke me with […]


Attunement/activation of the Higher Dimensional Body Templates of Sirius and the Pleiades

These attunements are activations that are given through a recorded and created audio with guidance and Light language.  Méline has co-created this attunement/activation with Master Kuthumi and Lord Metatron and has created an audio and manual to assist you with this activation.  This attunement/activation assists you with the merging of your oversoul in the Higher Heart Space […]