This is an invocation to set up a Sacred space for protection. I call upon Archangel Michael and all of his legions of Light to be with me energetically and physically in this Earth plane and physical plane, where I linger at this now time. Archangel Michael please be with me and invoke me with […]


Attunement/activation of the Higher Dimensional Body Templates of Sirius and the Pleiades

These attunements are activations that are given through a recorded and created audio with guidance and Light language.  Méline has co-created this attunement/activation with Master Kuthumi and Lord Metatron and has created an audio and manual to assist you with this activation.  This attunement/activation assists you with the merging of your oversoul in the Higher Heart Space […]


Gold Reiki

These attunements are a joyful experience as Gold Reiki brings joy and Light with its Golden frequency.  It takes away the darker and lower aspects and transmutes these into joy and Light.  These attunements are empowering your previous attunements and healing abilities as well.  We work with the Golden Light.  Prerequisite is the completion of […]


Kundalini Reiki Attunement

These attunements assist you in the awakening of the Kundalini Fire in all of your chakras. Healing abilities are enhanced if those are already awakened or activated as the hand chakras are being opened and expanded.  I find these attunements very simple and beneficial on your path and many have experienced beautiful energies and shifts during […]


Readings from Méline

I provide Channeled and intuitive Readings in Dutch and English.  There are 4 types of Readings available for now: * Typed Readings where I will tune in and prepare for your reading in my own Sacred Space and in my own timeframe on the day that the reading is sceduled.  I will Channel the reading and send you […]


Welcome to Melinelafont

I welcome you all dearly on my Website ♥ I AM thrilled and honored to share this journey with you all in this exceptional time we are in. I have created this website to offer my gifts through services and assistance, where guidance or support is needed. We all have inherent gifts and abilities lingering […]