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If you are looking for a free online psychic reading, there will be few companies always at the top. Some of them have been the largest psychological reading companies in the country for a while, and there is no indication that this position will change anytime soon.

But even if they are the biggest, are they really the best? We will go into detail here and we will analyze what it offers, what others have to say about them, and give you our sincere view of this well-known psychic service.

Choose a psychic out of more than 50 psychic readers with different rates. All include first free 3 minutes + 50% off.

Below you can choose out of 2 psychics that are currently online and you may have a live session with them right now.

How does it work?

Our offer contains many options. Here’s a list of the services you can use, using our online psychics.

Meet the Psychics Advisors

Normally, you’ll pay $3 per minute, depends of the type of psychic you choose. There are tons to choose from, and Kasamba actually has one of the largest psychological selections in the country. Before you choose your psychic, you can learn more about them, such as having a background in counseling and other relevant details.

It’s a good idea to look at any information about the individual psyche before choosing one, because that allows you to have a better idea of who you are dealing with.

While the rate is around $3 per minute, you can also get your first 3 minutes for free + 50% OFF chat or voice readings from a top-rated online psychic.

You have to pay in front. You will need to enter your payment details before you can start the reading, so that the reading per minute and total cost will be deducted after you’ve finished.

Be aware that the reading starts from the moment the live chat starts. So count those minutes as well in your reading.

Facts about Kasamba’s Service

There are a few things you should know before you deepen into Kasamba’s service and pay them. The facts will help you choose and determine if they are right for you.

They have more psychics than any other service, including new psychics who join all the time.

Not every psychic in their service has the same quality and skill level, obviously, so be aware of it and choose carefully. Read the reviews before choosing a psychic!

Not all psychic services will give you the same options as Kasamba, so if you prefer a text chat or phone call, then this may be the best choice.

The site promises that each psychic has been carefully and vigorously checked to ensure that it is experienced and knowledgeable.

They offer a variety of services and you can choose a psychic based on the information you hope to get, such as love, career, life and more.

How do I pick the right psychic for me?

Your intuition should guide you to the right psychic counselor. Just browse the online profiles and see who you feel most attracted to. Your instinct is the most important tool to find the perfect consultant for you. After selecting one of them, you can view the ratings and reviews written to get more information about the type of readings provided. Some people prefer a more direct and honest approach, while others prefer a softer and softer ride.

If you need help selecting a psychic, you can always contact customer support who can assess your needs and recommend a match.

You should use the 3 minutes of free chat with every new consultant you try, this gives you the opportunity to find the psychics you feel good with.

The top 2 reasons to get a psychic online reading

psychic readings kasamba

Are you thinking about getting an online mental reading, but is not sure if it’s the best choice for you? Are you nervous that the quality of the reader might drop because it’s online?

Or maybe do you just not know how energy or psychic abilities can turn over a phone, email or chat setting on the web? If any of these sounds like you …… be sure you’re not alone! The simple truth is that hiring an online psychic is the easiest way to get a quick read, but it remains a skeptic area for many.

Why are we enthusiastic supporters of this particular environment?

Psychic Expert Online are much cheaper! (you will not find a good psychic for that price in your neighborhood!)

Sounds confident? It’s the truth! There are psychic networks that use good backgrounds and insights to have their own TV shows (and some have!) And it’s very rare to find this in a local community. (I tried!)

Online Psychics tend to have better skills

Yes, there is a much smoother, refined and “elegant” atmosphere for most online readers you will find compared to what you will find in a back shop, salon, or even in your living room. Also, there is just much bigger choice!

Yes, there are websites and services (and individual ones) that you should avoid. But generally, if you show diligence and choose a remarkable network, your chances of having a life-changing experience are EXTREMELY greater! (and I’m a proof!)

2 Facts about psychic clairvoyants you should not miss


Are you looking for a psychic clairvoyant? Are not you unable to get real answers to the questions that seem to keep you back … and they just need the love, guidance and support of a psychic intuitive that can see your “true”? If you say yes … you are not alone! More and more, as we evolve as a society and global human consciousness expands to understand the power of etheric energy, many of us are turning to clairvoyant and sensitive to the “divine” our unique destiny.

Think it sounds a little too much? Think it over! In the test after testing, ESP, clairvoyance and psychic energies have been validated in labs around the world, with prestigious universities, hospitals and think-tanks now active in the process of studying psychic phenomena.

So what do you need to know before entering into the power of a clairvoyant or getting a reading of yourself?

Anyone can learn to be a clairvoyant … and that includes you!

Yes, while some people are SUPER sensitive and unusually gifted from birth, anyone can develop, perfect and perfect their mental intuition. There are a lot of exercises you can learn (as I did!) That will bring you life benefits in a powerful way and there are loads of fun fun!

All clairvoyants (especially online) are NOT created equal!

Are you thinking about reading? Good! But before you do … you know this is true: There are many different levels of “gifts” when it comes to psychic understanding. Choose readers (and networks) who are truly talented and not the least expensive or most readers available immediately. I have had many intuitive online experiences and I can tell you that the quality of reading is almost always directly related to who you choose to do.

Top Takeaway?

Do not make the mistake of thinking that “cheap” is better when it comes to something important and potential life changer. It could leave you disappointed, discouraged and less inspired than you expected, and that’s almost worse than having none.

How to get an absolutely free psychic reading (without being scammed)

Are you looking for a totally free psychological reading? If you are something like the vast majority of people reading our paranormal and psychic articles and commenting on our content, the simple truth is that you are always looking to get much of a true psychic and to attract a reading freedom is more than many of us can resist!

But are the readings totally free of the real deal … or are they something to avoid at all costs? Let’s take a closer look and try to respond to that below!

Okay … … but I would like to go for free reading before hiring myself in any network or individual reader. Is this possible … or are all these ads simply a scam?

It is a good and common question, and here is the real deal:

Many psychic networks will give you a free “full” reading under the excuse and the hope that you will continue to a full or paid consultation either later on or soon after. Most of the renowned networks will obviously be charged for your patronage because they have to pay readers, media and intuitively a fair price for their employment.

So the vast majority of free full-featured reading ads are simply a way to get acquainted with a certain intuitive or the network itself and you should anticipate it will be SHORT by definition. (at or below 10 minutes)

Kasamba’s Free Psychic Consultation Offer

The first time you use Kasamba, you get a free 3-minute live psychic chat or voice reading. After your first reading, you will get unlimited access to 3 free minutes during your first chat with every new psychic you try. This ensures that you have the opportunity to find the best psychics for you.

The price of evidence of psychics varies, so you can choose one in the price range that fits your budget. Although the first 3 minutes are free, a credit card or payment method will be required before starting. Most people like to increase their readings by a few minutes, so by providing payment information, you can continue without interruption if you decide to do so. If not, just thank your consultant and hang up before your 3 minutes run out and your reading will be completely free.

Are there other ways to get a completely free psychic consultation?

Kasamba, for example, will give you a free reading if you were not completely satisfied with the consultations! This is a bold and auspicious offer and one that we feel is quite convincing for our readers.

Some of the smallest and least well-known individual psychics who are NOT affiliated to a network may be a little more willing to be creative and on free consultations as they are a type of “independent contractors” and independent business owners and offer them and more latitude. (though you have to be careful here … I’ve heard of many horror stories)

The bottom line?

A completely free reading is possible, but it will always be a foundation stone or something of an introductory type and NOT a kind of reading that you should strive for if you think seriously about discovering your destiny, your purpose … or any other amazing lighting that is well worth paying you will reveal!

Disclosure: If you buy a service using our free reading and discount link, we will receive a small portion of your payment for our referral.